The Fitness Centre

Gym available for bookings

Terms and Conditions

The Fitness Centre Rules:

  • Appropriate training attire should always be worn while in the Fitness Centre; no jeans, no open-toed slippers or sandals. 
  • Please sanitise your hands upon arrival in the gym at the hand sanitising station located as you enter. 
  • You must wipe down equipment both immediately before and immediately after use using the sanitising products located on the sanitising stations throughout the gym and dispose of the wipes in the bins provided. 
  • The gym has reduced capacity to 4 people at any point in time. 
  • The social distancing rules for gyms are gym users should always stay 3m apart. This will mean that in some instances, neighbouring gym equipment can not be used at the same time. Please work with your fellow gym users to agree usage timings during your workouts. 
  • For convenience to others, weights, dumbbells and equipment must be returned to their original places immediately after use. Do not leave weight plates on the bars or scattered on the floor at any time 
  • Do not drop or bang weights on floor. For safety, please do not work out too closely to mirrors. Individuals may be charged for the damage due to carelessness. 
  • Eating or gum chewing is prohibited in the gym. Please bring your own water bottles and your own drinks (no open cups that can spill). There will be a water cooler available in the gym to refill your water bottle. 
  • Private teaching / coaching is not allowed without prior approval from the Community Manager. 
  • Only residents are allowed to work out in the gym. 
  • You must be over 16 years old to use the fitness centre without a lease holding resident 
  • Management reserves the right to terminate use for breach of rules, or conduct, which may be deemed damaging to the character of interest of the fitness centre or offensive to other members of staff. 
  • Whilst using the gym facilities, all residents accept responsibility for their state of health and physical condition 
  • The facilities are to be used quietly in a respectful manner for work out and training purposes only. Headphones should be used when playing your own music. 

Access will be strictly prohibited to residents who have not been inducted. By placing a Gym Booking, you agree to abide by the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ at all times and that you have read and fully understand the rules and requirements mentions above.