Overcome Stress & Anxiety

Stuck in a cycle of stress and anxiety? Stop wasting your life and start living.

Overcome Stress & Anxiety


  • You are always complaining about feeling stressed 
  • Stress has taken over your life (you wake up feeling stressed and you end the day feeling stressed) 
  • Stress is now effecting your physical and mental health state 
  • You believe that stress could be getting in the way of your life’s potential 
  • You don’t feel like yourself

In the break the stress cycle program, you will:

  • Gain deep awareness towards your stress profile and how stress impacts your life in different ways 
  • Create a resilience plan to manage stress 
  • Integrate and learn different stress coping skills 
  • Integrate habits that support your overall wellbeing 
  • Invite self-care into your life Put yourself first!
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How many sessions are included in a program? The recommended duration is at least 6 coaching sessions which gives you enough time to integrate positive change into your life and get the support needed along the way. What can wellness coaching support with? This wellness coaching program is ideal for busy people who feel stressed, overwhelmed and stuck in the rate race. The program allows you reconnect to your life’s purpose, upgrade your habits and lifestyle, integrate healthy tools, release stress & anxiety and empower yourself towards joy & happiness. The program can be tailored to suit your personal goals and support you in overcoming your personal wellness and life challenges.