Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart

A healthier you!
Join our September healthy eating campaign, starting on the 1st of September.
Did you know; What you eat can either protect you or increase your chances of getting heart disease or having a stroke. A healthy diet can stop you gaining weight, reduce high blood pressure and help lower your cholesterol levels.   
Get involved This September we are inviting you to join our healthy eating for a healthy heart campaign which is open to all residents across Quayside Quarter and Griffith Wood properties. 
To get involved all you need to do is pledge to cook healthy and nutritious meals throughout September and share pictures of your delicious meal, snack, or drink. 
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How it Works

  • Each week you will be required to upload pictures of any healthy and nutritious meals, snacks, or drink’s you have cooked or eaten throughout the week. (If you prefer you can always upload the images daily)
  • We are looking for some fun and catchy captions to compliment your healthy meal, give your meal a rating or even better, why not tell us briefly how you cooked the dish or where you purchased it.
  • Throughout the month we will be sharing details of well-balanced healthy diets and some great healthy recipes that are not difficult or time-consuming to make.


If getting active and healthier wasn’t enough of a reward, we have prizes available across each of the properties:
  • For each picture uploaded you will gain 1 entry into a prize draw. (i.e. the more pictures you upload the more chances you have of winning)
'Battle of the Properties'
To make things a little more interesting we have set a fun 'Battle of the Properties' challenge. We want to see which property will achieve the most combined steps throughout September!