Step your way to a Healthy Heart

A more active and healthier you! 
Join our Step Challenge this September and win one of two prizes.
To enter, step a minimum 5,000 steps on average per day throughout September.
Did you know; the recommended number of steps for people to take each day is 10,000, but the average person only takes between 3,000 and 4,000 steps per day.
Here’s your chance to improve your steps and step your way to a healthy heart….
Get involved  This September we are challenging you to step an average of 10'000 steps each day. 
The 10K step challenge is open to all residents across Quayside Quarter and Griffith Wood properties, and all you need to do is pledge to walk an average of 10'000 steps per day in September.
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How it Works

  • To sign up for the challenge you must have access to a step recorder either fitbit, Strava , other device, or via you mobile phone Health App (i.e. Apple Health App)
  • Each week you will be required to upload an image of you step count for the week. (If you prefer you can always upload it daily)
  • We will be regularly monitoring the steps and provide you with tips to help you get more active and increase those steps throughout the month.


If getting active and healthier wasn’t enough of a reward, we have prizes available for the following categories across each of the properties:
  • Everyone who completes 150,000 Steps throughout the month of September will be entered in a raffle to win a prize.
  • A prize will be awarded to the resident who achieves the most steps during the month of September.
'Battle of the Properties'
To make things a little more interesting we have set a fun 'Battle of the Properties' challenge. We want to see which property will achieve the most combined steps throughout September!